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Study and participate online, or join us in person for weekly sessions in downtown Toronto. Our course materials and 1-on-1 attention will keep you motivated without being stressed out.

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Everything you need to know about assisted online learning with Leaflet

When are classes?

The next round of classes starts September 2017. Classes are divided among beginner level (7 weeks), intermediate (10 weeks), and advanced (13 weeks).

In addition, we offer a free introductory 2 week course each month that will let you try out the full Leaflet experience, including introduction to a mentor, feedback, collaborative coding, and live stream. Introductory courses kick off on the second Monday of each month.

Where are you located?

Leaflet is based in downtown Toronto, serving a network of tech companies invested in web development.

How big are classes?

Groups are limited to 20 participants in order to provide expert mentoring to each student, individual assignments, and assistance.

Is there an admissions process?

We're concerned with ensuring you have an excellent experience with Leaflet Learning. Beginner courses allow you to expand your design skills into development. Advanced courses can take you from your ability in web page development to creating software with tools like React and Firebase. Our courses and scheduling are specifically designed to provide the greatest amount of support combined with flexible scheduling.

If you are wondering whether this method is right for you, you might consider one of our free introductions, that will let you try out the format to see if it is right for you.

When/how do I pay?

Payment can be completed by credit card through our enrollment process. We aim for our courses and assistance to provide the highest level of instruction without involving student loans.

What will I learn?

You'll learn to plan and build web applications rather than web sites. Throughout the course you'll become familiar with modern techniques for development, while having a chance to work directly with mentors currently deeply involved in web development. Courses are centered on web technologies, and incorporate the most popular libraries and tools from web leaders like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

How many hours per week are classes?

We combine flexible scheduling with regularly scheduled mentoring. Weekly jam-sessions where classes get together in the same room are 4 hours long (1/2 day). Students show their work, ask questions, collaborate, and take part in live-coding and debug sessions.

After the jam, you'll start a challenge that your instructor has devised to teach you a skill. In two days, your mentor will join in on Leaflet to review your progress, answer questions, provide feedback and suggestions. There's a second check-in two days later to review your progress and provide additional assistance. Then you're on to the next jam!

The entire course is completed in this format, ensuring a constant flow of assistance, individualized challenges, and expert evaluation.

Do I need to be able to program already?

We have courses that cater to a variety of levels of experience. One way to determine if a course is for you is to try out the free introduction. Beginner level courses are for those wanting to transition design skills into development. Advanced courses continue this this path of professional development beyond making pages, and into creating software for the web.

Advanced level courses require a solid backing in Javascript, and are usually designed to lower the learning curve for quickly getting up to speed with popular tools like React and Angular.

Do grads get jobs?

Realistically, no course can guarantee that a student will become employed. What we can offer is more direct exposure to people and companies that employ web developers. We take learning out of the classroom and directly into the places where development work is done. In addition we offer a collaborative code environment that emphasizes not just technical skill, but the many soft-skills highly desirable to employers.

Can I hire a grad?

If you're looking for top new talent that can grow with your group, our software Leaflet provides an unparalleled overview of students. It is an opportunity to examine not just technical skills, but other areas like participation, communication, and enthusiasm over time. The Leaflet Learning environment is a transparent environment, and code is conducted through web IDE that reveal a detailed picture of both aptitude and attitude. We can also provide access to mentors who can provide evaluation and recommendation based on your needs.

We aim for a perfect fit.

Who is running this thing?

The Code Caravan association and the Leaflet Learning software were produced by Oddly Studios Inc., a top creative-services vendor and technical consultant founded in 2007 and based in Toronto. As a trusted partner, Oddly has supported more than 50 companies and built thousands of projects. Over time the founders began to assist trusted partners in locating and hiring qualified junior talent, assisting through workshops, meetups, and the popular Fall Tour of Studios. Leaflet Learning represents the evolution of that growing relationship, and a bridge between education and industry.

What's Code Caravan?

Code Caravan is a growing association of technology companies interested in the future of education. Members contribute venue space for live-code sessions, professional mentoring, and assistance that takes learning out of the classroom.

In many ways Code Caravan mirrors modern development environments, promoting effective use of online tools, peer mentoring, and highly productive in-person collaboration.

Our program is designed to produce developers who work well on their own as well as in groups.

What do you want to learn?


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